Monday, December 17, 2007

Posting Frequency

I'm usually a BIT better about posting regularly, but as the fall semester just concluded, it's been a bit crazy. Lots of grading last week, and I always spend the last few days before break working on the next semester's syllabi. Designing a class (or updating one) is a creative activity, and perhaps the end of the semester isn't the best time for such a thing, but I really do like to get a jump on things.

In any case, it's Monday, and I'm more or less officially on break. Couldn't have come a moment too soon, because I woke up rather sick today. I think my body has a tendency to simply "hold off" any illness until I can rest a bit. Of course, I still have some Christmas shopping to do, so it's not like I'm ready to sit around and do nothing.

The other reason I haven't posted lately is that I haven't had a whole lot to say. CLEAN FREAK is out to a bunch of festivals, but I won't hear from any of those until mid-January at the earliest. ENDINGS preproduction is underway, but it won't really get going in earnest until the start of the spring semester. So Im trying to do something I always struggle with -- relax and enjoy some family time. I too often find myself anxious for "what's next" and not able to enjoy the here-and-now.


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