Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Voice Over Artists

Well, my two oldest daughters become voice over artists last week. The local NPR affiliate, KWBU, broadcasts from about 20 feet from my office door, and the station manager, Brodie Bashaw, asked several people if their kids would be able to read some copy (or just repeat it back) for a promo she was recording. My oldest, Emma (who also stars in my new film, Endings, recorded one all by herself, and the other features several children edited together (Emma is on there as well, and Anna, my eight year old, is the one who says, "The Waco Cultural Arts Fest will be September 19th and 20th").

Download the promo mp3 files to hear my kids promote the Waco Cultural Arts Fest on KWBU:

KWBU Promo - Emma

KWBU Promo - Emma, Anna, and others


Anonymous Anonymous said...

that's very cool!

4/15/2009 11:07 AM  

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