Friday, June 17, 2011

Shooting An Affair: Day Ten (I want these snakes outta my studio!)

Today's shoot was a more difficult and emotional scene. There was also some awkward moments to shoot, so we were working with a skeleton crew, just to make the actors more comfortable.

I find directing scenes like today's challenging - but I'll save that discussion for a later day because I really don't want to talk about some of the film's details yet.

The biggest event today was the arrival of a new mascot - a chicken snake slithered into the studio as we were loading equipment into the van. We actually didn't know what kind of snake it was then. So we called the studio owner, Ben Ranzinger, who was nearby with a friend who he considers his snake wrangler. So Ben and Paul came over and started moving stuff from where the snake had slithered. Soon enough, they found him, and Paul "wrangled" him quickly. Here he is - name suggestions?:

Some more photos...

My hat atop the wave form monitor and my monitor at "Director's Camp":

Lead actor Matt Brumlow posing for my phone's contact picture. He wanted it to be iconic:

The slate from a shot from today:

DP Taylor Rudd setting up to shoot a slow dolly shot, with Dolly Grip Rob Norman to his left and 1st AC Keith Lindley to his right:

Lead actress Cora Vander Broek in a shot (taken from the monitor at Director's Camp):

A lighter moment - Cora trying to pose for a contact photo picture that would equal Matt's rather impressive one:

Not happy with that one, we tried another pose:

We have the weekend off, then we pick up with a few grueling days Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of next week.


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