Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Getting Back to Work

Well, extended vacation is ending, and I'm going to be getting back to work next week, prepping fall classes and doing stuff around the house that's been needing to be done for quite some time. So, as vacation ends, a list:

  • Books read: about 4.5 (I'm partway through number 5). These include Douglas Coupland's JPod, Chuck Palahniuk's Stranger Than Fiction, Michael Modine's Full Metal Jacket Diary, a Spider Man graphic novel (birthday gift from my big brother -- thanks, Jim), and Nick Hornby's A Long Way Down.
  • Movies seen: 5. Superman Returns, M:I 3, Lady in the Water, Cars, and Clerks II.
  • Still Haven't Seen: A Scanner Darkly (it got to Atlanta the day before I left there, and hasn't come to the town in Florida where I've been for the past week-and-a-half.)
  • Migraines experienced: I kind of lost count, but it was at least a dozen.
  • Film Festivals Rejected From: three
  • Film Festivals Invited To: three (just call me "even Steven")
  • Film Screenings: one (Sujewa's Capital City Microcinema Screening Series)
  • Screenplay Drafts Completed: one (Conclusions, an indie drama I'm thinking of directing myself if I can pull together enough funding).

That's about it. Tomorrow morning, I'm on the road for two days of driving, from Florida to Texas.


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