Friday, August 25, 2006

One week

Well, the first week of the fall semester is history, and I have a good feeling about things. I didn't change a whole lot about what I'm doing in my classes, but thanks to a faculty development seminar I did this summer, I went into the first-day orientation with a very positive attitude, and I spent time involving students in the orientation (by asking them to read from the syllabus, and by having a little fun making sure we all knew each others' names).

I sense I have some good groups in my classes -- very inquisitive and most of them are very engaged (if any of my students are reading this: no really, I'm serious). So I'm looking forward to the semester.

Also to come this fall: my third-year review for tenure, which at my university is the first really "serious" review (according to my colleagues). Not that the previous two didn't count, but the scrutiny is tougher in this one, with more constructive criticism, I am told. So I've been gathering my documents and accolades and service opportunities to put it all in my tenure notebook. The review will be in October or November.


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