Monday, August 14, 2006

Passing by Phone

Okay, weird call today. My wife got a call from (GUY) at (NY PRODUCTION COMPANY). Said company was reading a couple of my scripts -- like six months ago. I wrote them off a month or so back. So when my wife called to tell me that GUY from NY PRODCO called me and wanted to talk to me about the scripts I submitted, I was naturally pleased, thinking maybe that it just took them some time to get to the scripts, but ultimately they liked them (and they were a good fit for a NY-based indie prodco).

No, in fact, he was calling just to pass. And not a "we love your stuff, please send us something else" pass. It was like getting a generic "we pass" letter, but by phone.

Weird. A sign of respect? A polite assistant, sorry that it took so long? A nasty assistant who likes to hear the depressed voices of people he rejects?

Who knows? Any guesses?


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