Sunday, October 01, 2006

Weekend Update

I just returned from a speaking engagement at my undergrad alma mater, Lee University. It was a small, Christian, liberal arts school when I was there, and, well, it's still that. But it's grown quite a bit, and obviously they're much more progressive now, thanks to new blood on faculty and in the administration, as well as changing attitudes of students.

I was there as part of their "Celebration 2006," a celebration of Dr. Paul Conn's 20th year as president of the university. He really has done a lot for the university, including moving it into the first tier of universities in their region and category, as well as doubling enrollment while keeping tuition remarkably low.

Here's a link to my bio and presentation info on their site.

It was good to see lots of old friends, several of whom are now faculty members there, not to mention my old professors, who have moved into high-level administration roles now (nice to have friends in high places).


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