Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Endings Festival News and more...

I haven't blogged much of late - the end of the school year was quite busy, and I just haven't had the time for reflective thought of late.

I'm breaking my radio silence now only because Endings has finally started to 'take off' in terms of film festival acceptances, with three in the last couple of weeks. Endings will screen at the Atlanta Underground Film Festival in August, then in the Dallas VideoFest in September, and in the 2011 ReelHeART International Film Festival in Toronto (early acceptance there because they canceled the 2010 fest thanks to the economy).

I'm really pleased, naturally, to finally have Endings building up some screening opportunities. Atlanta Underground and ReelHeART are both nice because I've screened in them (and won awards) in the past - it's like being welcomed back into an old friend's house. Dallas VideoFest is nice precisely because I haven't screened there before (third try), and also because it's our first Texas festival screening (meaning a lot of our cast and crew can attend). I love screening in Texas because I can usually attend the festivals (though Texas is pretty large - you never know - but Dallas is only a few hours, so it's usually do-able). And because I'm a Texas filmmaker (at least a transplanted one), I'm very happy to support the Texas filmmaking community.

Other stuff I've been up to of late - I spoke at the World Council of Churches' International Consultation on Violence in Media in Boston in June. My presentation was on the realities of the business - basically, the economic realities behind violence in films.

Also traveling east to visit family and friends back home...


Blogger Jonathan said...

Congrats on all the festivals, Chris! I look forward to being able to see "Endings" hopefully soon.

The talk on the economics behind violence in the media, from the perspective of chucrhes, sounds absolutely fascinating. (I was away from the computer in June and therefore probably missed anything you might have posted about in on FB.) Is there any info from your talk available on-line? If not, would I be too forward to ask you to e-mail me a copy of your speech? I'd really love to hear your perspective on that, as a filmmaker as well as a Christian.

7/08/2010 8:50 AM  

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