Thursday, June 02, 2011

Production Eve

I wasn't going to blog tonight because I'm exhausted - but it seems appropriate to comment right before I start production in my third feature film.

I spent the day today dealing with film-related stuff. The morning was for rehearsals with the lead actors. I was kind of laughing to myself that we spent the first hour of the session just talking about the characters and the story. That's not a complaint - I loved just spending an hour or so engaged with people about the film. It's such a treay to be able to talk so deeply about this.

Then, since the scenes we were rehearsing today were "walk-and-talk" scenes, we took a few long walks around the neighborhood while Matt and Cora acted out the scenes. They have developed a nice, natural rapport.

After rehearsals, which included lunch and rehearsal at the restaurant at which we're filming an early diner scene, I popped over to our designer's shop to pick up a few pillows for the motel room. Then I made the longish drive out to the set, and there was much work to do. I relieved the production designer, who had to go back into town to get some supplies (such as paint and other stuff); by "relieved" I mean that I started working on painting doors and working on other final touches.

I spent a few hours doing that before running home to have dinner and help with the kids. Then I felt the need to return to the set to check progress, so I drove back out (it's about 30-40 minutes from my house) and found several students volunteering their time to paint things and help out in general.

I helped mount the motel room set's a/c unit, checked over a few things, and then got home by about 10:30pm.

Production starts at 8am. I hope I sleep tonight.

That's a joke - I have great confidence in most people involved in this film - especially my Director of Photography, my producer, and my lead actors!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good luck with the shoot man. I already know it will be something of quality and worthy of many eyeballs. Can't wait to see it already.

~James Bridges

6/02/2011 10:23 PM  
Blogger Chris Hansen said...

Thanks, my friend. I appreciate your support over the years!

6/02/2011 10:46 PM  
Anonymous David McElroy said...

I'm glad you're already a veteran at this by now. By the third time around, there's less to surprise you. I was scared before the shoot for my first short, but if I'd known how little I really did know, I'd have been far more scared. I think I'd be even more scared before my first feature, because I know how ignorant I have and how much can go wrong. :-)

After two features and various short projects, this is going to be old hat to you. You might even be bored out there. ;-)

6/03/2011 10:24 AM  

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