Saturday, August 26, 2006

Aren't there other people to do jury duty?

Seriously -- I've lived in Texas for only two years and have now been summoned to jury duty THREE TIMES. Three times in two years! I lived in Virginia for eleven years and NEVER got called there.

So, are we running out of potential jurors in the county or something?

I'm all for doing my civic duty. In fact, I'd find actually serving on a jury quite interesting (I have been called to duty but have yet to be placed on a jury). I would have found it very interesting for those eleven years in Virginia when I wouldn't care about missing a day of work (then again, I wouldn't have minded missing weeks at a time at my previous job).

But now I have classes to teach, and every missed class really throws the schedule out of whack. And I'm already going to have to miss several classes this term because of film festivals and such.

Ineterestingly, my summons indicates I have to appear on a Thursday at 3:45pm. Strange time for jury duty to start, I think, but at least I can probably make it without having it affect my classes, as I'm done with my last class for the week at 3:20pm on Thursday...


Anonymous Chuck said...

Regarding jury duty: Sounds like you haven't been paying off the right people.

8/27/2006 7:33 PM  

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