Friday, September 01, 2006

Reasons I Love Indie Film

I often struggle with whether I want to write larger-budgeted films (albeit interesting and unusual ones) or if I want to stay rooted in the indie world, with its micro-budgets and creative freedom. I'll probably continue to straddle that fence, working in both areas, if I can (this implies that I've "worked" on larger-budgeted films -- I don't mean to foster a deception... just meaning that I WANT to work in both arenas).

Anyway, aside from the creative freedom, why would anyone want to work in the micro-budget indie world? Well, the answer is in the question (creative freedom). But the personalities are very different as well.

Last night I received a call from an indie short filmmaker who has a connection to financing and wanted several script options to put in front of his money guy. He'd read the logline and synopsis for my script on Inktip, and rather than going through readers and agents and all that crap, he just called. Told me he loved the synopsis and wanted to read the script, and that he'd call me in a day or two. No fuss, no muss. No "please give us 4-6 weeks to respond."

I mean, he may hate the script. And even if he likes it, his money guy might not. But it's nice to cut through the crap and just see if the script connects.


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