Saturday, June 16, 2007

Apologizing for the delay

Well, I've been away from blogging simply because I've been so busy at home. We're expecting baby #4 soon, so when the spring semester ended, the entire household entered "work mode." Shifting rooms for the current three kids, setting up the baby's room, etc.

We're almost done, with the exception of the baby's room. It's all cleared out, but not at all set up. That would never have happened with the first two kids, but it seems like no big deal with this one. The baby's pretty much going to live in a bassinet for the first few weeks, so I'm confident we'll have it all done when we need to.

In other news:

Latest Toy: video iPod (early birthday gift from my parents (thanks mom and dad!). In return, I shipped off my 4 GB mini iPod to my dad, so he could join the 21st century. I mean no offense, dad. He has a long commute to the office, and I thought he could use it for listening to podcasts and audiobooks.

Missed Opportunity: As many people know by now, CBS renewed the apocalyptic series Jericho after first canceling it. My problem: I'd been so far behind on the show that I had been saving all the episodes on my DVR for summer viewing. I had about 8 or 10 episodes on there, basically everything after the show returned from its winter hiatus, and it was starting to feel daunting (especially because my wife wasn't interested in watching it). When the cancellation news was announced, I deleted all the episodes, assuming that there was no point in catching up on a cancelled series. And then CBS actually went and listened to the public and renewed it. Boy, do I feel silly. Well, in truth, I didn't love the show, so I'm not terribly disappointed. I need to watch less TV anyway.

What Happened to the Braves?: The Atlanta Braves, my hometown team, started off the season really hot, but they've won only 5 of their last 14 games, failing to overtake the similarly slumpiong NY Mets in the NL East. Come on, guys -- take advantage of an opportunity! The worst part is that this is the last season I'll get to watch the Bravos semi-regularly on TV, as TBS -- the superstation network that made the Braves a national sensation -- is ceasing regular broadcasting of Braves games next season. Booo, TBS. Big boooo.


Anonymous Chuck said...

The TBS thing is pretty disappointing, especially for those of us who live outside the Atlanta area (I don't get Sports South, either).

I think the team will pull it together--the Braves often peak in late June and July, and the Mets aren't exactly running away with things.

6/16/2007 1:53 PM  
Blogger Chris Hansen said...

Chuck -- I haven't lived in Atlanta for a long time, as you know, but I remain a huge Braves fan. I can't imagine what it'll be like without semi-regular Braves games on TV... though at least they've been "weaning" me off the games by broadcasting fewer and fewer each year... sigh.

I agree, they usually pull things together and peak later in the summer, and I'm not exactly freaking out yet. But I hate that we're missing a great opportunity to take control of the division.

6/16/2007 3:10 PM  
Anonymous Chuck said...

I didn't have TBS for years, so I've usually followed games on the web using the updated box scores. Not an adequate substitute, but it helped.

I *think* the Mets' pitching will eventually wear thin (even with Pedro coming back), and Bobby Cox will--somehow--cobble together a rotation that can at least get games safely to the bullpen.

6/16/2007 7:43 PM  
Blogger Chris Hansen said...

Yeah, I "watch" the non-televised games online via the updating box scores. Hardly adequate, but what else is a fan to do.

And, yes, I agree, it's likely Cox will put something together sooner rather than later. He always does. The question is whether we have the ability to survive the first round of the postseason this time. I think Smoltz can will us to the NLCS all on his own, LOL. He's gotten pretty intense the last few years.

6/16/2007 8:32 PM  

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