Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Delivering Deliverables

Today, I mailed the package of remaining "deliverables" to Reel Indies for the DVD release. (FYI, "deliverables" is a term that refers to the items one is contractually obligated to submit for a distribution deal).

I was pleasantly surprised that the list of required deliverables wasn't long or hard for me to complete. One acquaintance of mine had lengthy deliverable requirements that ended up costing him almost as much as the budget of my entire film. In fact, reading his post about deliverables made me think, hey, perhaps not getting distribution isn't such a bad thing.

Of course, that's silly, but I'm thankful that I didn't have to submit that much. I already had the film mastered to several tape formats, but we also created a high-res HD export for use on our CustomFlix DVD, so that's all they wanted. And we had done a lot of artwork (DVD case, DVD logo, posters, etc.). Add to that all our production stills (both "in character" and "on the set" stuff), plus the DVD extras (deleted scenes and a documentary about the making of the film), and we were done.

If this experience is a positive one, I'm looking forward to working with Reel Indies again. They've been very easy to work with thus far. The next step will be their production of the DVD itself, and I'm sure there will be some communication back and forth as that progresses.

My goal was to get this out the door before the holiday. The deadline they gave me was July 6th, and I didn't want to wait until the VERY last minute. On top of that, we have a child due any day now, and I really didn't want this hanging over my head when the baby comes.

As we were nearing 5pm, the rain started pouring down in Waco, and we had to locate the Fed Ex guy on campus. Josh, the film's editor, chased him down in the driving rain, which had come down so hard and so fast that the campus streets were flooded. And just as I ran back inside to get the package to give it to him, Marilyn (the Communication Studies department assistant) told me that she had reached him by phone and he was coming over to get the package. So we got drenched for nothing (sorry about the wet socks, Josh).

But, hey, the package went out, and we beat the deadline AND the baby's arrival!


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