Monday, October 15, 2007

Editing Interviews

I've been tackling the interview footage with my family for CLEAN FREAK. My student assistant, BK, took the first cut at the material and culled it down to some of the best pieces. He made some great selections, editing down hours of footage to the best clips that related to the main theme.

Then this weekend I went in and started making some edits based on BK's cuts. HE had already put some stuff together, and I went through and played with that, re-edited some stuff, and started editing some stories together, but the sequence as it is now is way too long.

So Josh, my editor on AMERICAN MESSIAH, is now taking a crack at it, and as Josh is wont to do, he's re-thinking the whole sequence, re-ordering it and re-configuring it. From what he's done already, I think he's doing a great job. Truth is, I'm probably too close to the material to cut it as objectively as I need to. Things that seem compelling to me might only seem so because it's my family. So it helps to have another set of eyes...


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