Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Random Bullets

-My mom liked Clean Freak (for those of you who have seen the film, you might understand why I was a bit concerned that my mother would think she came off bad in the film, in the section that focuses on my family's influence on my neurotic clean freak tendencies).

-I'm going to go see Sweeney Todd again on Wednesday. I rarely see movies twice in the theatre, preferring to see as many new movies as possible rather than seeing one or two movies multiple times. But I still can't get that movie out of my mind, so I'm happily going to see it again with a friend.

-A friend with connections in the UK sneaked me the recent Doctor Who Christmas special soon after it aired on the BBC in Great Britain (yay for high speed internet!). Voyage of the Damned was quite good, a solid entry in the series, and probably the best of the recent Christmas specials the show has done since its return to TV. It also gives a little time to extending the series' running theme of the conflict between the Doctor's loneliness as a 900 year old traveler and his neverending desire to connect with other people, especially people like him (people with a need for adventure and a streak of goodness in them).

-I read the first two collected volumes of Invincible, a comic collected into graphic novel format. These were my Christmas gift from my brother, the English professor. Very enjoyable -- standard superhero stuff, in some ways (teen discovers he has powers, becomes hero). But it's handled in an interesting way, as the teen has an alien-hero father, so he accepts this all without surprise. I'm looking forward to reading the other collected volumes that are available, and they've been added to my Amazon Wish List. The list is otherwise pretty depleted as I got a bunch of Wish List items for Christmas.

-The college bowl season has not been kind to my teams.

-The weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful... Well, actually, the temperature is heading under 40 degrees, but the fire in our fireplace is pretty delightful.


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