Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Wrap Party

We had the wrap party for Endings tonight. A wrap party is a curious thing -- you instantly forget about any and all frustrations and problems from the set and poke gentle fun at each others' personality quirks. And you start to miss those frustrations and problems already.

We had a dinner catered by Olive Garden (they really make a delicious lasagna), and then we went to my department's screening room to watch some footage. B.K., one of the students who worked on the film and who will be working on the editing this summer, put together a great seven minute selection of stuff from the film. And you know what?

It worked. It looked great. You could feel the emotion in the scenes. I'm starting to get jazzed already...

Once I have a complete version of that "promo trailer," I'll post it online. Right now, the music in it is all copyrighted stuff, and the audio still needs some clean up, but it really got me excited.


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