Friday, June 03, 2011

Shooting An Affair: Day One

We officially began principal photography on An Affair today. The producer intentionally planned a light day of shooting today, because he knew it would take us some time to get going. And he was right.

The morning was two solid hours of people sort of wandering around and figuring everything out. A lot of people didn't know what they were doing or how set protocol works when you have a large-ish crew.

But by the time we finally got the first shot off and got going, we started moving much more efficiently.

A few other things slowed us down today - first, one of the lead actors, who had mildly strained his neck the other day, woke with a neck so stiff he couldn't move without pain. Second, because we had to adjust our schedule around his visit to a chiropractor, we ended up ping ponging around the set, re-lighting spaces that had already been lit.

But in the end, we finished only two hours behind schedule, which isn't terrible for a first day. (And don't think I'm griping here - the learning on the set the first day was significant, and that's part of why we make films the way we do; the students learn a ton, and by mid-shoot, we'll be as close to a well-oiled machine as we can get).

So - several scenes in the can (so to speak, since there's no film cans on this set), and we'll move outdoors tomorrow for a shoot day that's part daytime, part nighttime.


Blogger Jonathan said...

Glad to here things are going relatively well. Off to a good start, I think. I hope it continues so.

6/04/2011 9:00 PM  

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