Thursday, June 23, 2011

Shooting An Affair: Day Thirteen (our last overnight)

It's 6am as I sit down to write this. The sun is already rising, which means I should be trying to get to bed ASAP. We just finished our last overnight of the shoot. We will be back on a more sane schedule after a couple of days off.

It's funny - a shoot is such a difficult and tiring process. In the first third, adrenaline propels you. In the second third, you start to long for the finish line. And in the last third, you start to mourn the fact that you won't be able to do this much longer. Admittedly, I'm exhausted and looking forward to being done. But I'm making art with friends. It's fun even though it's hard.

I was reflecting tonight on what a great environment we have on our set. One night, DP Taylor Rudd's family dropped by while we were setting up. His father is a colleague of mine (in another department) at Baylor University, and Taylor's brothers were passing through town. So his entire family, including young niece and nephew, stopped by. The kids played on our swing set while we talked for a bit. Some people would think of this as an interruption. For me, this kind of work environment is exactly what I want. There are certain times when we need more focus and less people, but in many cases, I think it's great to have family stop by. I want family involved whenever possible. And the crew works such long hours together that they become a sort of family. I love seeing the bonding happen and getting to cut up with the students and have fun.

Tonight was a good and uneventful night. It was our second night at the Elite Circle Grille, and we concluded our restaurant scene in plenty of time for a planned 6:30am wrap. I really hit a wall at 2am. I was having a hard time keeping my eyes open in between setups. As the crew was working on lighting, I was just waiting, and waiting at 2am is hard to do. But I got through it. I know everyone is dragging, but the fact that this would be our last overnight shoot gave us all a boost, I think.

Finally, a few photos for you. Here, Taylor Rudd sets up a shot with actor Matt Brumlow.

In this photo, Matt awaits the next shot as he talks with producer Brian Elliott.

I was sitting right next to camera as we shot part of the scene, and this image struck me. It's a notice on the side of the matte box and rail system.

Finally, actors Matt and Cora prepare to shoot. This was my vantage point for watching the scene - right next to camera.

Two days off to get our bodies to adjust to normal schedules, and then we start back on Saturday.


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