Friday, December 29, 2006

The Holidays Can Be... Interesting

Okay, so I haven't been blogging throughout the holidays. I've had a good break. Got to see a couple of good movies (Apocalypto and The Good Shepherd). Had a good time with my in-laws (who are terrific people, and no -- they don't read my blog).

They left on Tuesday, and my parents flew into town on Thursday. I almost got the house back to normal before they arrived. Picked them up at the airport, and we went out to lunch. Everything was great. Got back to the house, and my dad was feeling tired. I attributed this to the fact that they left their house in Atlanta at 5am to catch an early-ish flight.

When he woke up from an extended nap, he felt miserable. Fearing strep or the flu (and concerned about having a pregnant wife at home), I encouraged him to let me take him to an urgent care center, so we'd know what we were dealing with.

It isn't the flu.

And it's not strep.

Can you say, "pneumonia"?

Yikes. So my poor dad is laid up, away from his own home, with pneumonia. And no one can go near his bedroom, of course. The doctor is giving him mega-doses of antibiotics and trying to keep him out of the hospital and get him well enough to get home!


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