Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Random Bullets

Well, I've just had nothing substantial to say of late, because I'm not sleeping that much, what with the new baby and all. Actually, my wife isn't sleeping that much. I'm sleeping more than her, but still not enough. My in-laws left yesterday. They had been here since Ava arrived, but now that they're gone, it's just the two of us and four kids. We're completely outnumbered here. They can double up on us.

I'm kidding, of course. We're doing fine, if a bit tired and overwhelmed in the standard ways parents are when they have a new baby. The timing was good, though, because I am not teaching this summer, so I don't have to get up super early to drop the kids off at school and go to the office.

In other news, plans to shoot Endings next summer are ongoing. We have some money committed, and we're looking for a bit more. The producer and production designer from American Messiah are already back. and I'm working on the editor (who will also be the animator for animated sequences) as well.

Clean Freak is moving along more slowly, in part because of the crazy summer (the baby, etc.). But I'm working on it. When I get my act together and start editing some of the footage, I will try to post a scene or two here (via YouTube, probably).

Finally, I just have to comment on the situation with Michael Vick. I'm a longtime Atlanta Falcons fan -- which is, in itself, a long-suffering vocation. This whole thing with Vick and his federal indictment on dogfighting charges is just a major disappointment. For several seasons, I felt like the Falcons were on the brink of a major turnaround — that we might actually be a good team for a long-ish period of time (for a change).

Now we are entering the season with a washout at starting QB (Harrington) and a huge mess in the Vick situation. I can’t tell you how disappointing it is, or how disturbing the allegations against Vick are. If he’s guilty of half of this stuff, I’m so disgusted that I hope he never plays again.

On the other hand, maybe we’re better off and we really do need to be rid of him and have a more conventional offense. But that’s our #1 draft pick we’d be cutting loose, with nothing in return except for a major salary cap hit...

Sigh — this is what it’s like to an Atlanta Falcons fan...


Blogger Tim said...

Why animated sequences?

7/28/2007 1:53 PM  
Blogger Chris Hansen said...


There are several scenes in the film where a character's unique point of view is represented via animation. We'll actually be animating over video footage.

7/28/2007 2:01 PM  
Blogger Tim said...

Sounds interesting ... congrats on the new little one!

7/28/2007 2:14 PM  
Blogger Chris Hansen said...

we're still tweaking the look as we move towards production, but I like what we've accomplished thus far.

thanks for the congrats -- i actually got almost an entire night's sleep last night!

7/28/2007 2:17 PM  

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