Monday, August 27, 2007


I haven't been posting much because of the start of the fall semester. I've had lots of thoughts in my head, but not enough energy or time to put those thoughts into a post. So this is just a miscellaneous post of news and observations.

  • I've been invited back to my undergrad alma mater, Lee University, to speak to English majors about careers in creative writing. The English Honor Society there is holding a Saturday conference on the topic of careers for majors, and I'm told I'm one of few graduates who has gone on in creative writing. I'm always honored to go back -- I still love the place, and I'm eager to share what (little) I might know to students interested in film. In fact, though I now teach in a "Communication" field, there remain -- in my mind -- strong ties between my chosen field and my undergraduate field of study. They both involve storytelling, and I am only a (decent? good?) filmmaker because I was an avid reader of literature as a child and a young man. This invitation is doubly special because Lee's chapter of the English Honor Society (Sigma Tau Delta) got started when I was a senior, and I served as its first president.
  • My older kids started back to school today. It's always a happy and sad time. Happy because the kids need the engagement of the classroom to fill their young minds, which are truly like sponges. Sad because it always marks the transition of another year. My oldest is in fourth grade -- wow. But she still wants to be walked into school, so I'm savoring moments like that while I still can.
  • Film critics will be receiving copies of my film from the distributor in the next few weeks. I know this because a friend of mine who is a film critic forwarded me a copy of the press release he received from Reel Indies' PR firm. So that was kind of cool. I'm not sure what to expect -- I don't think direct-to-DVD releases get a lot of reviews, so I'm not expecting a barrage of P.R. or interviews, but I'm hopeful that the film will get a good review or two. Mostly, it's just nice to see someone else trying to market the film.


Anonymous Jonathan said...

Congrats on being asked to speak at your alma mater. You have so many successes to be proud of.

(BTW, I was a member of STD at Valdosta State University, my grad school, and served as VP.)

8/27/2007 12:19 PM  
Blogger Chris Hansen said...

LOL -- small world, huh? And I know Valdosta State -- I once did a "Governor's Honors" summer program for 6 weeks on campus there... very nice (and very HOT in the summer)...

8/27/2007 1:24 PM  
Anonymous Jonathan said...

Oh, I didn't know you went to VSU. Wow, what a small world! I was there from Sept. 93 to Jan. 96.

And yea, those Valdosta summers were always hot, but actually not quite as bad as Orlando, FL summers, which I had recently escaped from.

8/28/2007 7:25 AM  
Blogger Chris Hansen said...

well, i didn't really go there -- just for a 6-week summer program when i was still in high school. i grew up in the atlanta area, and they had the big "honors" program for the whole state down at VSU back then.

8/28/2007 9:55 AM  
Anonymous Jonathan said...

I vaguely recall they had an honors program when I was there, but I wasn't involved with it, of course.

Still, it's a neat little coincidence. Most people I meet have never heard of Valdosta, let alone actually spent time on the VSU campus. Wasn't that a pretty campus? What year were you there? It must have been VSC back then, rather than VSU.

8/28/2007 4:27 PM  
Blogger Chris Hansen said...

this would have been... '88, I think -- my high school days. i thought it was VSU then, but i may be remembering wrong...

it is a pretty campus -- i liked it a lot. but MAN was it hot there in the summer!

8/28/2007 5:08 PM  
Anonymous Jonathan said...

I remember it had been a College and then became a University shortly before I got there. But I don't remember exactly when that was.

It was a good school and I mostly enjoyed my two-and-a-half years there.

8/28/2007 9:55 PM  

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