Wednesday, October 31, 2007


A minor announcement -- the three lead actors for ENDINGS are now secured!

Okay, that's perhaps a bit premature, as we still have to put together the schedule for the film and make sure the actors can actually be here for the dates we need them, but I've spoken to everyone and given them the general parameters, and things look good.

Most importantly, I have actors who want to make the film with me involved from an early date, which should make planning easier. I'm jazzed about working with these people -- I love actors in general, because the good ones really know and love their craft and are excited to collaborate and get inside a character.

I'm also excited because I now have actual PEOPLE to associate with these characters in my head, so the entire project be easier for me to visualize now.

I'll announce the actors and put up some headshots when we've worked out the details.


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