Friday, April 18, 2008


I got pretty lazy with the blog while at NAB -- in other words, I thought less about how I ought to be posting (but let's face it, posting twice in a week is rare for me; I'm just not that interesting, I guess).

Anyway, I'm home from NAB -- and, wow, am I exhausted! We had to get up before 5am this morning to catch a flight out of Vegas...

I was very pleased to come home and find that that lawn had been mowed. I'd been worrying about having to come home exhausted and start mowing the lawn. Lo and behold, my father-in-law had done it for me. So for some inexplicable reason, I still did yardwork (a couple of trees needed serious trimming, and my wife bought a new trimmer/clipper). So now I'm REALLY exhausted.

It was a good week in Vegas, but now I'm having to readjust to real life -- you know, things like not walking around the city at midnight...


Anonymous Chuck said...

Funny, normal life for me *is* bouncing around a city at midnight (and often later). That being said, the city is rarely as cool as Vegas.

Hope you had a productive trip.

4/20/2008 8:31 AM  
Blogger Chris Hansen said...

LOL -- well, having a kids will do that to you (plus, it's not like I live in a city with a great nightlife!). It was weird to be walking on crowded streets past midnight, with no sense that anything was shutting down anytime soon...

4/20/2008 8:13 PM  

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