Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Witty Blog Post Title

Hmmmm -- I've been a little parsimonious with the blog updates, haven't I? I just haven't had a lot to say on here. I've been in a creative rut, what with working on the rough cut of Endings (the editor is doing the actual cutting, but of course seeing the cut has put me in "creative edit" mode for the past couple of weeks, as I've been thinking of ways to fix things that don't work or make certain things work better).

All of which is normal -- I probably shouldn't be trying to write a new script while I'm enmeshed in the creative work of "rewriting" Endings in the edit room (which is, after all, what you do with a movie in post-production).

Classes continue apace -- the semester is going to be over before we know it, and I wonder if I'll feel like I accomplished enough (I never do).

I'm looking forward to a trip to Chicago at the end of the month, for the Film & History conference (where I'm chairing the Doctor Who area).

So, as you can see, I have very little to report. I want to have news; I just don't at the moment.


Blogger Jonathan said...

Good luck with the editing, Chris, and stay focused. I'm sure I don't need to tell you that it's the editing room where movies are made. In the end, nobody goes back to read the original script or watches dailies and deleted scenes--no matter how great they were, none of that matters. A bad decision or two in the editing room can turn an otherwise great film into a total failure. (Example: "The Battle of Shaker Heights" in Project Greenlight season 2) By the same token, some excellent editing can turn an otherwise mediocre film into a near masterpiece. (Example: "Natural Born Killers" I read the original screenplay--what a difference!)

Many laypeople don't appreciate editors, but a really good one can make or break a picture.

I know I'm not alone, out here, in eagerly looking forward to viewing the finished product.

(BTW, it might be cool for us readers of your blog if you described some problem with the film and how you fixed it with editing.)

10/15/2008 11:55 AM  
Blogger Chris Hansen said...

I might just do that when we get through fixing some of the issues. I'm too close to them right now, and the film in too flexible a state, to know what the end result will look like.

Thanks for your encouragement. I'm hopeful that the end result will be something special.

10/27/2008 9:19 AM  

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