Sunday, June 05, 2011

Shooting An Affair: Day Two

Just got home at about 4:25am after day two of the shoot concluded. We ran late again - about two hours. But it was going to be a late night regardless, because we had to shoot several exterior night shots. Given that it's summer in Texas, and that it hence doesn't get dark until after 9pm, we couldn't do those exteriors until it was already late.

Everyone seems energetic enough to handle it. Brian (producer) and I are the two oldest people on set, after all.

Many of the exteriors we have to shoot involve the motel - the motel room interiors are a set, but the exterior had to be real. I found it pretty amusing that when we walked into the room at the motel tonight, the room looked almost exactly like our set. A little synchronicity that made my evening.

There are times during a shoot when you just feel like you get bogged down - like people are just moving in slow motion for some unknown reason. These are the hardest times, because you're not really sure why you're not going faster. People seem to be doing their jobs, but one hand doesn't know what the other is doing (because the audio people don't know the lightning people's job, etc. etc.). I'm at a loss to explain it, other than an energy sag.

We had a few times like that tonight - that's where you need your first AD (assistant director) to really get people going again.

It's all a learning process as a team gels. One thing I found interesting tonight is that the same old frustrations cropped up - getting bogged down, the boom mic is in the shot, the light doesn't look right, the actors don't quite nail it, etc. - but when those frustrations cropped up again, it didn't get to me as much. I had almost a sense memory of these things, recognized them for what they were (growing pains on a new shoot), and went about the business of making the film.

The other thing I have to say is that I still adore working with actors who are so committed to the project. They have no fear. I love it.


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Tracking you. Hope all goes well.

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