Saturday, June 25, 2011

Shooting Where We Started: The Final Push

Today represents our final push on the production phase of the movie. We have three studio-bound days remaining. They are full days of emotional material, but we are very happy to be on the set again, away from the elements and in a location we can control. It feels more like "home" - and it's nice to have a home base.

It was a mostly uneventful day. The machinery of moviemaking marches on. Master shot, close up, next set up, etc. One bit of excitement occurred in the middle of a take when our boom operator, Lauren, began to pass out. She apparently got a bit overheated and/or dehydrated. In mid-take, those of us who couldn't see her wondered why the boom suddenly started making noise. Then Cora jumped up from her position on the bed to support Lauren. Everyone quickly rushed into the room to help.

Lauren recovered quickly and was probably embarrassed that we were all asking her if she was okay for the next hour. She was fine but light headed, but regardless, we sent her home for safety.

Never a dull moment...

A few photos for your enjoyment:

DP Taylor Rudd prepares to shoot an overhead shot from above the set. Note: this is, as Taylor said, a good example of how not to do this, but I didn't come up with this shot until this morning, so we just went with it. I have tried not to be overprepared on this shoot. It's easy to be a slave to your notes, and I've tried to practice what I preach on this film by letting the actors' natural blocking dictate the shots. And on occasion, like with this shot, it's just that you think of a different way to see something, and you roll with it. Taylor is more than happy to roll with it (in part because we often are rolling with ideas that he came up with).

Here, I caught Cora and Matthew in an unguarded moment between setups.

This is a shot taken from my monitor at Director's Camp.

And finally, just for fun, I captured this picture of Matt's foot. It came to our attention tonight that he has rather long toes - so long that it is a bit of an inside joke in his family. Here' Cora compares the size of her finger to Matt's toes. Impressive digits, Mr. Brumlow.


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