Thursday, October 19, 2006

Planning for Virginia

Next week, I head to Charlottesville, Virginia to screen my film at the 19th Annual Virginia Film Festival. This is the biggest venue at which we've screened, and I'm both excited and a little anxious. Excited, because there promise to be some legitimate film people at the festival (guests include Tom Shadyac, director of Bruce Almighty; Morgan Freeman; Liev Schreiber; and Robert Duvall) and literate film audiences from the area. Anxious, because the other films selected for the fest are great films, and much higher budgeted stuff. It's not a "competition" thing for me; I'm just hoping my film plays well to the audiences there.

I'm really hoping that one or more of the celebs in attendance at the festival will make it to my screening. I know that's a long shot, since the film isn't a big premiere of a film with celebrities, etc., and also because it's screening on the opening night against another film that the festival has hyped in its press releases. And Morgan Freeman, for one, isn't even supposed to arrive at the festival til the next day.

I'd also like to have a good-sized audience, for a change. It's possible that there were decent audiences for festivals I didn't attend, but I have yet to see the film with a large audience in a theater/at a festival. Virginia is a pretty well established festival, so I'm guessing they normally have good audiences.

Most of all, I'm just hoping things go well in general: that I arrive in time for the screening, that the film plays, that I sound articulate when I talk to other people there. You know, the typical stuff.

Oh, and if anybody out there has any festival tips, please post a comment in response. I'm planning on bringing my business cards and some extra copies of the film, but I don't know what else (if anything) I should bring with me.


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