Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Kickstarter: Raising Funds for my New Film

Friends and fans - I have launched a Kickstarter fundraiser project to raise money for my new feature film, tentatively titled “An Affair,” which I intend to shoot next summer.

PLEASE HELP in this endeavor. I sincerely believe that good indie films that deal with real people and real issues and problems are important for our culture as a whole. If you agree, or if you support work like this in general, please give.

Even if you don't plan to give money, I would be honored if you would post the link and your recommendation to your group of friends. Tweet about it, blog about it, email people - whatever you are willing to do, it is very much appreciated!

The fundraising effort lasts until December 1. If we don’t have ALL the money pledged by then, we don’t get ANY of it – so please help spread the word!

GO HERE, see the project, and help spread the word!