Sunday, July 26, 2009

Clean Freak - translated

Well, Clean Freak has popped up on an illegal download site. I have no idea if they are really streaming my film, and I'm not going to pay the site's registration fee to find out, but I love the synopsis they put up. It's clearly a translation of my own original synopsis. It apparently went into another language and back again, and came out like this:

Chris Hansen be a filmmaker, but he's also a neurotic brush freak. Here, he turn the camera next to himself, preparatory to see how his kinfolk see him, later to check the roots of his issues, and contained by the drawn out gallop to want rehabilitation.

Here's the original synopsis, in case you want to compare:

Chris Hansen is a filmmaker, but he's also a neurotic clean freak. Here, he turns the camera on himself, first to see how his family sees him, then to explore the roots of his issues, and finally to seek treatment. Clean Freak is a comedic documentary that straddles the line between fact and fiction.