Monday, June 15, 2009

Color Correction Comparison

So, I was thinking more about my last post and how color correction changes the intent and meaning of a scene. And I thought a visual example might help here. Below I've posted a side-by-side comparison between the original footage and the color corrected version (keep in mind that these are taken from a low-res copy of the film, as the editor has been sending them to me; since he's based in L.A. and I'm in Texas, he's been sending me files via Anyway, see the image below:

So, you'll notice that the footage on the left is significantly more colorful than the one on the left. Now, I will say that we're in the process of 'dialing back' the effect you see on the right, which is sort of a bleach-bypass look (not familiar with that term? Read about it here - though keep in mind that the link refers to the traditional way of doing it, on film). I think we just went a little too far with it.

Anyway, it was always my intention that this segment of the film would have this look, in part to keep it separate from other parts of the film, and in part because of the bleak nature of the character's outlook. What's interesting to me is how hard it is for me to let go of the original footage. It's too pretty for the character and the story -- but because it's so pretty, so pristine, it's kind of hard to let go of it. The color corrected version is more raw and, well, "ugly" isn't the right word, but it ain't pretty.

However, "not pretty" is right for the film. Sometimes you have to go through "pretty" to get there.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Color Correcting ENDINGS

The editor, Simon Tondeur, is color correcting Endings at the moment, so I've been reviewing the film from that perspective this weekend. It's quite strange, in a way, because I'm so used to seeing the film the way it was shot (in terms of color). Color correcting via non-linear editing systems like Final Cut Pro is pretty powerful stuff -- if you have a clean image, you can pretty much do anything you want with it (there are some limitations, at least at my budget level).

So I'm trying to re-orient myself to see the film through new eyes, to determine if the color corrected version, with various filters applied and with contrast increased in a lot of scenes, will serve its purpose.

Just another step in the process...