Saturday, April 30, 2011

A podcast about me?

So I happened across this podcast that amounts to 90 minutes or so of three people talking about something I wrote.

It's not one of my movies, though. It's actually a chapter I wrote for a book. Craig Detweiler's book, Halos & Avatars: Playing Video Games With God is about the intersection of video games and faith. I wrote a chapter for it - sort of the introductory chapter - that's a look at the similarities and differences in narrative in movies and video games.

Well, these theology students-slash-avid gamers have been doing a series of podcasts on the book, and apparently they dissected my chapter some time ago. I just came across it.

Interested in listening? Then check out The Cross and the Controller. Scroll down to episode 50.

I might be doing an interview with them in the near future.