Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Goodbye 30s

Well, the day is almost here when I must bid adieu to my 30s. It hasn't been a bad decade. In my 30s, the following things occurred:

  • we had two terrific children (we had the other two terrific children when I was in my 20s); (also, note that I didn't say that *I* had two children, since, well, I'm a man, and we're biologically incapable of that);
  • I made four films (three features and one short) that have played in 40+ film festivals, and the latest one isn't even out yet;
  • I got a job teaching film at Baylor University;
  • I earned tenure at that job, which essentially means I can keep it for life;
  • I was appointed head of the program in which I teach;
  • I edited a book of essays that was published by an academic publisher;
  • I contributed a chapter to another published book of essays.

    So, that's not a bad decade of accomplishments, I suppose. I'm wondering if my 40s are going to be able to top that. Well 40s - are you up to the challenge?

    Blogger Art said...

    Following the production through your blog has been exciting and informational. Thanks for thinking of it.
    Look forward to seeing the family.

    6/30/2011 7:33 AM  

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