Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Shooting Where We Started: Wrapping the Set

Today, the crew had to tear down our set. What took over a month to build was gone in hours. A set is by definition a temporary structure, but it's still sad to see it go after so much work and money went into it. Producer Brian Elliott documented the process.

After an hour and a half:

After two and a half hours:

After three and a half hours:

And that's it. Poof - like it never existed. It's just scrap wood now.

Tonight we had a wrap party. Great food, and no worries about getting back to production after the meal. We settled in to watch a few videos - funny and serious - that the students had made behind the scenes. But before that, the crew surprised me with happy birthday wishes and a Boston Cream Pie (one of my favorites). Since I turn 40 on Friday, I'm bidding adieu to my youth - and I received plenty of ribbing.

The videos were good fun, and the company was great. I gave a few gifts to some of my collaborators - tokens, really, but just a way to say how much I appreciate them. And I received a nice album of production photos from my actors.

What a great experience. I certainly hope the film is good, but in the end, regardless of the outcome, I need to remember that this part of the experience has been terrific.


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