Thursday, June 30, 2011

Wrapping "Where We Started": Actors and Acting

I spent some time today with Matt and Cora, the lead actors from Where We Started. Cora departs for her next destination tomorrow, and Matt the next day, so I wanted to spend some more time with them.

I wanted to do this because, well, I had such a terrific time on this production. I was reflecting on this with Matt and Cora when we hung out today. I have known Matt for almost 20 years, so our reconnection on this film and my last one (Endings) is always a treat. And getting to know Cora was great. I felt a real connection with them as friends and creative people, and I'm hoping to work with them again soon.

I'm constantly in awe of great actors and how they do what they do. I wanted to act a little when I was in high school and college, so I've thought about this a bit, and I've acted a bit. But I never really trained in it after high school, hence my awe.

They are able to slip into these emotional states that defy my imagination. I wish I could do that! And to get two talented actors to work on my film? That's an great coincidence. To make a creative and personal connection with them? That's an honor.

So I'm dedicating this post, for whatever that's worth, to Matt and Cora and their incredible work on Where We Started. Thanks, both of you, for your commitment and your talent.


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