Friday, December 19, 2008

See SEVEN POUNDS this weekend

If you're in the mood for a movie this weekend, consider checking out Seven Pounds, the new movie starring Will Smith. It was written by a good friend of mine, Grant Nieporte, and it's worth seeing.

The story has a secret that the reviews and trailers have thankfully kept hidden. This is Grant's feature debut, and I just want to lend a voice of support. Help make the film a hit in its opening weekend.


Blogger BK Garceau said...

I actually caught it today... I enjoyed it for the most part. And yes, they did a great job hiding the mystery, which is ultimately why I wanted to see the film.

12/19/2008 3:28 PM  
Blogger Chris Hansen said...

Glad you enjoyed it. I've read several earlier drafts of the script, and I thought it was pretty powerful.

12/19/2008 6:21 PM  
Blogger Jonathan said...

Oh, fantastic! Congrats to your friend. It must be exciting to see a script, which you read an early draft of, to be made into a blockbuster. Were you pleased with the changes they made?

Actually, Debbie and I were seriously considering seeing this film this weekend since Will Smith is one of her favorite actors. Now we have an extra reason to see it.

Again, congrats to your friend!

12/20/2008 7:28 AM  
Blogger Chris Hansen said...

I haven't gone to see the final version yet. I've been sick all weekend, so I've mostly been in bed! There were some changes they had to make that disappointed me, but not because they were bad -- just because of what they represented for the author.

I look forward to hearing what you thought of it. Have fun with Debbie...

12/20/2008 8:15 AM  
Blogger Jonathan said...

Debbie and I went to see it last night. Neat to see Grant's name at the end!

Yea, it was a pretty good movie. Tugged at your heart-strings--especially toward the end. And good story. I figured it out about half-way through; it took Debbie a bit longer. But I enjoyed the mystery, trying to figure out what was going on. And then, like I said, it got emotional when I realized what he was doing.

You should be very proud of your friend.

Feel better soon!

12/22/2008 8:08 AM  
Blogger Chris Hansen said...

Glad you enjoyed it, J. I think it's a very interesting story about grace and redemption...

12/22/2008 12:31 PM  

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